SEAKR Develops Software Defined RF Processors for Small Geostationary Satellites

SEAKR Engineering has announced that it is developing digital RF processors using next generation technologies for small geostationary satellites manufacturer, Saturn Satellite Network. Saturn is a company founded by space industry veterans focused on building small geostationary satellites. They are building the first NationSat satellite using a 2.5 kW bus design. Saturn's new GEO satellites deliver the most affordable access to space communications for countries and national service operators where traditional satellites are too big and expensive.

In alignment with Saturn's mission of low weight, affordable satellite builds, SEAKR's next generation RF processor is a software-defined radio (SDR) that enables a highly integrated RF payload while minimizing overall system mass and power. It is compact in design, made of light-weight materials making it SWaP (size, weight and power) optimized for SWaP small satellites. The RF processor can be synchronized to scale higher system throughput, and enables NationSat satellites to carry the equivalent of 48 x 36 MHz digitally configurable transponders.

SEAKR's processor also supports payload management functions by interfacing with Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C) systems, power, and clock to payload RF units (Low noise amplifiers, receivers or converters). The company is also working with Saturn on an evolved digital RF processor to support High-Throughput Systems (HTS) with capacities up to 85 Gbps. SEAKR has successfully passed Saturn's Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and is on track to deliver its first processor in 2020.

SEAKR's RF processor for Saturn leverages four generations of architectural capability supporting the full spectrum of payload processing performance requirements, with a high level of on-orbit reconfigurable processing capability. Pulling from its established heritage capabilities, strength in RF communications, along with the continuous product and architectural advancement, SEAKR continues to define leading edge, state-of-practice processing systems in partnership with Government, Civil and Commercial entities. Its previous study and prototype advancements have successfully contributed to customer's ability to solve complex challenges imperative in advancing capability to meet today's most daunting mission objectives. Key technologies being deployed and leveraged include: ADC and DAC Technologies, FPGA-based Processing Technologies, and ASIC-Based Processing Technologies.

Saturn, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc, is a registered Delaware corporation. The company oversees the design, program management and in-orbit delivery of the NationSat satellite, manufactured in NationSat satellite in facilities in Colorado and California. Over 95% of the payload and bus components of the NationSat satellite are procured and integrated in the USA.