SoftBank Validates Sequans Monarch LTE Chip for its NB-IoT Networks

Japan’s leading telecommunications operator, SoftBank, has announced the validation of Sequans’ Monarch chip for NB-IoT operation on its network.

Sequans Monarch is one of the most mature NB-IoT solutions in the industry. It is the ideal solution for customers who want to deploy battery-powered IoT devices, such as meters and sensors, cost-effectively. Validation on the SoftBank network goes to show Monarch’s reliability and technological excellence as an NB-IoT chip solution. 

Sequans’ Monarch is a most highly optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT chip platform. It provides full support for power saving mode (PSM) and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) to enable the long battery life needed by many IoT use cases, and it provides the enhanced coverage modes that extend coverage for deep-indoor and remote deployments.

Monarch integrates baseband, RF, power management, and RAM in to a single package. It also supports advanced features such as programmable RF filtering for global band support in a Single-SKU, and proprietary dynamic power management technology, enabling industry-leading, rock bottom low power consumption of 1 micro amp.

The validation of Monarch for NB-IoT operation follows validation for LTE-M operation received from SoftBank last year.