Defence Communication Equipment Market Expected to Grow at 10% Anually from 2019 to 2029

Defence Communication Equipment Market Expected to Grow at 10% Anually from 2019 to 2029

Future Market Insights has recently published a market research report titled ‘Defense Communication System Market – Global Industry Analysis 2014 – 2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019 – 2029’. FMI has projected that the Defence Communication Equipment Market will grow at a CAGR of 10% from 2019-2029 and this all will happen due to the rapid growth of wireless communication and IoT technology.

Satellite communication represents an essential role in maintaining the combination of advanced satellite communication into existing communications and observation structures. As operational demands have increased and technological changes have progressed at a rapid speed, the bandwidth demand has expanded exponentially. The growth of satellite communication infrastructure will help produce new terrestrial broadcasting networks to increase operational coordination. This will result in a rise in the demand for defense communication equipment and satellites.

Significant Gains Projected for Wireless Communication Equipment

The rapid growth of industrial wireless communication technology has boosted the interest of the military community in leveraging industrial technologies and techniques to address communication needs. Military wireless communication systems are usually designed to work in sharp environments, where the devices exposed to environmental elements such as sand, dirt, and water, as well as extreme temperature variations. The need for communication equipment to preserve information and the need for consistent communication between the military forces are significant factors fueling the growth of the defense communication system market.

Communication plays a vital part in the successful execution of any mission. Whenever any small group of companies or entity sent on a particular purpose, it required that the volunteers or existence remain in contact with other organizations so that they can accomplish their task. Moreover, in cases when the companies have to share some vital information or the coordinates of some location, there is the need of high-quality and reliable communication, so that no wrong information is shared due to the low quality of communication.

IoT Invasion Triggering Development of Robust Defence Communication Systems

Defense communication systems are highly secure and stable, due to which various government associations and entities of countries are choosing defense communication systems for providing safe and reliable communication to their forces. Due to the high density and environment sensor systems, a growing number of the battlefield assets are now converting the network entities.

The significant adoption of IoT technologies is significantly improving several aspects of military operations. The adoption of IoT technologies in military services significantly benefits military intelligence reconnaissance operations and surveillance. Moreover, a significant increase in the IoT market is leading to the manufacturing of energy-efficient and more robust defense communication devices. In addition, improvements in low-power computing, miniaturization, identification, machine-to-machine communication, and radio frequency are also among factors creating high growth opportunities for the defense communication system market.

On the basis of product type, the global defense communication system market is sub-segmented into systems that include radio systems, satellite communication systems, and radar & sonar systems, and services that include consulting, testing & integration, and support & maintenance. Growth in satellite communication infrastructure generates the rapid demand for satellite and defense communication equipment. 

On the basis of application, the global defense communication system market is sub-segmented into systems such as command and control, situational awareness and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). On the basis of military branch, the market is sub-segmented into naval force, air force, and land force. Due to the rapid adoption of IoT in military operations, various countries are demanding more powerful and energy-efficient defence communication devices. In addition, on the basis of geography, North America is expected to dominate in the global defence communication system market due to the advent of next-generation technological advancements in the U.S.

Competition Analysis: Defence Communication System Market

Some of the key players in the global defense communication system market research report include General Dynamics Corporation, Airbus S.A.S., QinetiQ Group PLC, BAE Systems PLC, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Rockwell Collins Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Raytheon Company, Thales Group, and Harris Corporation. These companies in the defense communication system market are continually focusing on providing leading products and following the strategy of entering into collaborations and partnerships with other defense communication system providers to offer enhanced communication system devices and to reach new growth markets during the forecast period. 

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