VIAVI Using Signal Processing Hardware Developed by CommAgility for 4G and 5G Network Testing

CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company, has announced that it is supporting VIAVI Solutions with the development of 4G and 5G solutions for the TM500, enabling faster delivery to their customers with high-performance signal processing. The TM500 is a scalable test system for validating the performance of cellular networks, including 3GPP 4G, 4.5G, and 5G. The system tests network performance as experienced by end-users, across multiple cells and different radio access technologies.

CommAgility is supporting VIAVI by providing signal processing cards for their 5G base station test systems. VIAVI test systems are used by almost every base station manufacturer in the world, and by incorporating these standard processing boards, they have been able to streamline development, and to focus efforts on customer requirements.

The CommAgility portfolio of hardware solutions provides a unique combination of signal processing and flexible, high-performance input/output options, enabling OEMs to speed 5G products to market. Baseband processing and RF cards include Texas Instruments SoCs from four to 16 DSP cores and Xilinx high-density Virtex-7 and Kintex-7 FPGAs, in a variety of form factors including AMC and VPX. The modules also provide fast, flexible I/O including Gen2 RapidIO, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express.

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