Marki Microwave Now Provides Downloadable 3D CAD Models for all Recommended Products

Based on popular demand, Marki Microwave, is now providing free-to-download 3D CAD models for all of its recommended products.

Available in STP, DXF, and DWG formats these files are compatible with AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and other 3D CAD software and include accurate package dimensions and connector locations. For all other products, including Marki’s legacy components, the company is having 2D models in DXF and DWG file formats available upon request.

Here is a step-by-step guide to access the 3D CAD Model Master List:

  • STEP 1: The .xlsx file contains a library of SKUs/part numbers. Please use the sort and filter feature to search for the product that you want a 3D CAD model of.
  • STEP 2: Look at column B and C to determine if the model exists and what package it comes in.
  • STEP 3: Download the zip that is compatible with your work station. 3D models are available in .stp, .dxf & .dwg.

Click here to download Marki’s 3D CAD Model Master List.