AR Partners with Comtest to Make it Easier to Create EMC Test Facilities

Amplifier Research (AR) has signed a partnership agreement with leading RF test chamber expert, Comtest Engineering through which it will be possible to design, build, and service an EMC test facility using a single source provider.

As a leader in EMC test equipment, AR realized that testing new products and getting them to market quicker has become more critical than ever before. AR knew it could help its customers by streamlining the process of creating EMC test chambers. So the company sought out a partner that builds EMC test chambers and shared its dedication to the highest quality and customer responsiveness. The company eventually found such a partner in Comtest Engineering who has delivered over 1,000 chambers worldwide.

The new relationship combines the expertise of two of the most respected industry leaders with AR providing high-performance EMC instrumentation and system design expertise, and Comtest Engineering supplying best in-class EMC chambers.

In North America, AR now distributes all Comtest Engineering products including chambers, shielded rooms, absorbers and antenna measurement chambers. It has the capability to separately provide EMC instrumentation and EMC test systems, and can now offer complete turnkey systems that include various types of chambers and all required test equipment from one reliable source.

Since the companies serve the same customer base and have the same high standards for quality, reliability and service, this partnership is the perfect match. Customers now, have no longer to shop around to come up with a working product, nor do they have to deal with potential warranty, planning and budgeting issues. By offering a complete solution, AR and Comtest will take on all of those responsibilities and make it much easier while assuring the highest quality.