New NFC Inlay Tags from Smartrac Certified by the NFC Forum and DEKRA

Smartrac Technology Group has announced that it has earned NFC Forum and DEKRA Lab certifications for a suite of popular CircusTM NFC inlays based on various NXP NTAG ICs. The RFID and IoT company considers this as another confirmation of its claim to be a quality provider for its growing NFC customer base. The tafs that were certified are Smartrac's smallest circular, high-performance NFC Circus inlays and tags, including the tamper detection inlay Circus Tamper Loop, based on NXP’s NTAG210 Micro, NTAG213, NTAG213 TT and NTAG216 ICs.

Both certification bodies have gained an excellent reputation, with NFC Forum leading the effort to expand the adoption of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology around the world, and DEKRA being accredited and recognized as a certification body for the EU, USA and Canada covering electrical, electronic, ISM, and radio equipment. Quality, reliability and adherence to latest, applicable standards – as confirmed by this certification – are of key importance for everyone who is looking to get all the benefits that NFC offers.

Confirmation of reliability and performance

With the NFC Forum and DEKRA Lab certifications, Smartrac’s customers have further confirmation that the certified Circus inlays and tags perform reliably in compliance with the NFC Forum’s NFC Tag Device Type 2 Tag standard. They are therefore a solid and important enabler of NFC-based, smart and connected products for many applications such as consumer engagement, brand loyalty, product authentication and instant ordering – all at the tap of a smartphone.

Circus Flex is a robust version of the Circus inlay (using NXP’s NTAG213 IC) forms the basis for a product digitization solution that made Mammut into the first premium outdoor brand with NFC technology, and one more major sports brand with a customer experience concept underpinning this technology. The certified NFC inlays are also widely used by product manufacturers in segments such as consumer goods, retail, fashion and luxury goods, as well as manufacturing, industrial, electronics and gaming businesses.

Global Capacity and Scale

Like every high-quality Smartrac RFID product, these certified NFC inlays and tags offer superior performance, form factors and designs, even in very demanding physical environments. The first-ever company to receive ARC RFID Lab Quality Certification for RFID manufacturers, and with factories and sales offices all over the globe, Smartrac is well-positioned to offer the greatest variety of NFC products, covering just about every customer need, underlining its position in RFID and NFC inlays and tags market.

These latest NFC Forum and DEKRA Lab Certifications for the Circus products are much more than just another endorsement signifying that Smartrac stands for quality and reliability when it comes to RFID and NFC. In addition to being the first-ever recipient of ARC Quality Certification from the RFID Research Center of the University of Auburn, as well as having numerous products on Auburn’s approved inlay lists, Smartrac’s inlays and tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.