Automated RF Spectrum Monitoring Solution for Military Bases and Test Ranges

CRFS, a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation solutions, has announced the launch of its automated spectrum monitoring toolset called RFeye Mission. RFeye Mission’s user-friendly interface and simple visualization tools allow non-experts and experts alike to perform a suite of tightly integrated spectrum monitoring activities, making sure they never miss a signal.

Taking spectrum data from the CRFS intelligent RF sensor Nodes, RFeye Mission enables a single operator to quickly and remotely set up and execute spectrum monitoring schedules. When an event is due to take place, RFeye Mission automatically monitors the RF spectrum, up to 18 GHz, sending automated alerts if a condition is breached, providing data on the frequency, power, timing and geolocation of key signals or interference sources. The system can also automatically generate reports on specific tests or more general spectrum usage, ensuring the correct data is quickly collected and reported.

On many military test ranges or bases, an operator has to actively monitor RF activity, however in reality the operators need breaks - they need to eat, rest and also juggle other responsibilities. RFeye Mission fills in the gaps, automatically.

RFeye Mission’s sensor Nodes can monitor an entire range and the surrounding area, 24/7. Mission operates remotely, minimizing the need to transport equipment to distant parts of the range. It monitors an unlimited number of emitters in real time, allowing spectrum managers to focus on the most important tasks while Mission does the hard lifting.

Many US military test ranges use frequency deconfliction schedules, such as the Integrated Frequency Deconfliction System (IFDS). RFeye Mission allows for direct import of these schedules to automatically generate associated monitoring tasks and highlight any potential scheduling conflicts in advance.

By automating spectrum monitoring tasks with RFeye Mission, military spectrum managers can ensure the correct data is being recorded and also safeguard against unauthorized transmissions automatically.

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  • Country: United Kingdom
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