LeoLabs Introduces Commercial Satellite Tracking Service for SmallSat and CubeSat Operators

LeoLabs Inc, a leading provider of Low Earth Orbit mapping and Space Situational Awareness services, has introduced the world's first commercial satellite tracking service tailored to the needs of today's smallsat and cubesat operators. The new LeoTrack satellite tracking system, delivered as a web-based subscription, offers satellite operators a full range of monitoring capabilities, including precision tracking of satellites, orbital state vectors, predictive radar availability, scheduled passes, and real-time orbit visualization for constellations as well as individual satellites.

A new generation of space operators need more data to support responsible operations and informed decision making in an increasingly congested LEO setting. Operators need a reliable service that delivers high-quality orbital data and the ability to demonstrate visually how their operations are managed. This is precisely what LeoTrack delivers, according to LeoLabs. One simply subscribes to the service, and LeoLabs does the provisioning. The key is simplicity and quality, and the company believes LeoTrack exemplifies the emerging model for satellite constellation management.

LeoTrack builds on LeoLabs' multi-year history of providing satellite and space debris tracking services for leading constellation operators in LEO. Supporting missions ranging from advance earth observation to IoT connectivity, LeoLabs already serves diverse commercial leaders as Maxar, BlackSky, Planet and Swarm Technologies. LeoTrack now extends that same value proposition to the entire smallsat community.

The product was unveiled at the recent 33rd Annual Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah being held from Aug 3-8, 2019.