Northrop Grumman to Develop a Re-Scalable Tactical Radar Antenna for the US Army

Northrop Grumman has received a U.S. Army contract for its next generation tactical radar antenna, the Re-scalable Aperture for Precision Targeting Radar (RAPTR). The solution will be composed of small radar building blocks to allow the antenna to be scaled to fit a wide range of mission and platform requirements.

Northrop’s RAPTR will improve upon the precision and range of the previous, combat-proven Northrop Grumman tactical radar family to provide a greater level of situational understanding to warfighters. The system will operate in multiple radar modes, including Synthetic Aperture Radar and Ground Moving Target Indicator, to provide a comprehensive operating picture. RAPTR’s building block architecture allows scaling the antenna up or down to suit a wide range of platforms and missions, making it well suited to the demands of today’s multi-domain battlespace.

The system will take advantage of common building blocks, allowing for rapid, cost effective production for a variety of applications.