IZT to Showcase Digital Radio Systems and T&M Solutions at IBC 2019

 At the upcoming International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2019) set to take place from 13 to 17 September in Amsterdam, IZT GmbH will be showcasing its solutions for digital radio systems and high-performance test and measurement products. Major highlights will include new features for IT-based digital radio head-ends, an RF signal source with enhanced support for broadcast standards and equipment for virtual field tests. We have listed a few products that the company will be showcasing at the event.

New Features for IT-Based Digital Radio Head-Ends

The IZT DAB/DRM ContentServer incorporates the functionalities of a complete DAB or DRM head-end, including audio encoding, data service handling and multiplexing. The reliable and long-proven solution is the perfect choice for DAB platform operators and broadcasters. The latest major revision R7 improves the IZT DAB/DRM ContentServer further, introducing powerful enhancements to the software solution. New features include an improved audio input interface supporting a variety of audio sources including AES67 (Livewire, Ravenna, Dante), compressed audio streaming via RTP and internet streaming. In addition, a loudness normalizer and level limiter has been introduced. The long-proven web GUI has been refreshed and now includes a graphical system and component status overview.

The software system is either provided as turn-key solution on standard IT or can easily be deployed as virtual machine under VMware in IT data centers. Further, IZT will demonstrate the IZT DAB Archive, a comprehensive solution for quality control and long-term archiving of DAB multiplexes. The system includes functionality to record and analyze the EDI/ETI signal being delivered to the DAB transmitter network.

RF Signal Source with Enhanced Support for Broadcast Standards

The signal generator platform IZT S1000/IZT S1010 is a flexible RF test source supporting modulation for various communication and broadcast standards including DAB, DRM, HD Radio, CDR, ISDBT, Sirius NGO, Sirius XM and DVB-T/DVB-T2. The IZT S1000/IZT S1010 incorporates up to 31 virtual signal generators and two independent RF outputs, making it possible to simulate a test environment with multiple simultaneous sources and to replace extensive setups while reducing time and cost. In addition, the new IZT T1000 Compact Broadcast Modulator is a compact and price-efficient modulator platform for the broadcast standards DAB and DVB-T/DVB-T2.

Virtual Field Tests

With the IZT’s RF Receiver IZT R3000/IZT R4000, the IZT S1000/IZT S1010 signal generator can be used as a Record and Playback System. This enables the developers to perform virtual field tests, for example to build a data base of RF recordings and to reproduce field conditions in the laboratory. At the one side this ensures reproducible testing conditions. At the other side, development time and costs can significantly be optimized as the number of actually required test drives is reduced.

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  • Country: Germany
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