Now you can control Kaelus Test Instruments from your Mobile Device

Kaelus, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading supplier of high-quality, sweep, PIM test & measurement instruments and RF conditioning solutions, has announced that Kaelus test equipment is now supported by the ECSite software platform.

ECSite is an end-to-end SaaS platform for fully automated site-closeout for iDAS venues, oDAS/small cells and macro sites. It enables users to test all of their cables (coax, fiber, CAT6) and antennas, control their test instruments, take photos and videos, fill out checklists, take notes, all via an app on their mobile device.

The ECSite software integrates with Kaelus' sweep and PIM equipment software creating a cloud-based application workflow and centralizing all necessary testing for site certification. Data from field-testing is stored and processed electronically in the cloud where detailed reports are populated and organized to generate automated reporting.

For more information on Kaelus' iVA and iPA instruments, and all of the company's products, click here

For detailed information on the ECSite Software solution, click here.


  • Country: United States
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