MVG Adds Radiated Spurious Emissions Measurement Capabilities to its 6 GHz OTA Test System

Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has announced the addition of Radiated Spurious Emissions (RSE) Testing and Passive measurement capabilities to its MiniLAB OTA (Over-The-Air) test system. The MiniLAB is a 6 GHz OTA test system is a combination of a turn-key wireless test system and a compact and perfectly shielded box. The system will now not only perform high-accuracy OTA testing, but also offer passive measurements and a new approach to measuring RSE (Radiated Spurious Emissions) on LTE devices.

With its electronically-scanned probe-array arch enclosed in a high-isolated chamber, MiniLAB quickly measures radiation patterns of devices up to 30 cm in diameter for the passive measurements, making it the ideal solution to optimize the antenna performance of all kinds of devices. With its integrated probe-array design, MiniLAB utilizes electronic scanning to measure the wireless device, providing precise measurement data in dramatically-reduced measurement times, thereby making it easier and faster for users to measure OTA & RSE performances for LTE frequency bands up to 6 GHz.

Users can obtain figures of merit of the wireless connectivity performance as well as diagnostically analyze how to optimize the product, thanks to the full spherical radiation characterization of the tested device. The automation of the test system and the intuitive user interface enables companies with no experience from the past in antenna testing to efficiently perform connectivity tests of their devices with high accuracy. Once the measurements are complete, the RSE measurement results can be obtained within 20 seconds.

Equipped with an anechoic chamber with > 100 dB RF shielding, MiniLAB offers a high dynamic range, enabling measurement of both peak levels of the transmitted wireless signals, as well as the surrounding emissions, without distortions.

Click here to view detailed specifications about MiniLAB.