SignalCraft Unveils 18 GHz Frequency Extension and Signal Conditioning PXI Module

SignalCraft Technologies (SCT), a leading provider of RF, microwave, and high-speed digital products, has introduced the SC2250, an 18 GHz RF signal conditioning module that extends the frequency range of PXI-based test applications to enable precise harmonics measurements. 

The SC2250 signal conditioning module extends the useful range of traditional 6 GHz RF instruments to microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz, providing a cost-effective solution to demanding applications that require higher frequency coverage such as semiconductor design verification and production test. 

Precise Harmonic Measurements Support Production Test Demands

New consumer products demand higher performance without sacrificing efficiency or size. As R&D engineers push components to their limits, they find that testing now requires high-frequency harmonic test equipment which is too expensive for mass production test. 

The new SC2250 brings scalable precision to harmonic measurement test in the form of a single-slot module. It provides user-friendly, selectable filtering for signal conditioning applications requiring spurious and harmonic rejection. 

Seamless Integration Into Existing Systems

SCT designed the SC2250 to work seamlessly with National Instruments PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) products, but it will also integrate with any benchtop or PXI signal analyzer/generator.

The SC2250 integrates a number of features to ensure accuracy without the need for auxiliary equipment that adds significant complexity to a test bench. The high accuracy and up-/down-conversion capability of the SC2250 can enable applications that benefit from frequency extension in addition to harmonic measurements including: 

  • Benchtop designer verification testing (DVT) 
  • RF design and characterization 
  • Wi-Fi 6 testing with legacy 6 GHz instruments 
  • Intermediate frequency interface measurements for 5G radios  
  • Mission-critical record and playback for aerospace applications

The SC2250 adds to a growing line of PXI-based modular instrumentation that extends capabilities and accelerates productivity for precision-critical applications like design verification test and semiconductor production test. 

To learn more about the SC2250, click here.