Smartrac Launches New RAIN RFID Inlays for On Metal Applications

Smartrac Technology Group has announced the launch of its SKYLINE inlays and tags for industrial on-metal RFID applications. With their optimized antenna and sophisticated spacer-based design, the new, compact RAIN RFID (UHF) products offer an outstanding read range of up to 6 meters in real-world conditions.

For SKYLINE, Smartrac developed a customized UHF inlay based on NXP’s UCODE 7xm IC with 448-bit EPC memory and extended user memory of 2 Kbits. The resulting transponder is then folded and applied around a synthetic spacer developed and provided by identytag of Bad Berleburg, Germany. identytag is one of Smartrac's long-term partners who are also involved in the initial manufacturing process. The advanced antenna design, the IC’s long read range and reliable operation in dense reader and noisy environments through high interference rejection, as well as an optimized spacer material result in a high-quality product with an on-metal read range that previously seemed unattainable for a tag as compact as SKYLINE (die-cut size 54 x 25 x 1,8 mm).

For product convenience and robustness, the inlay is permanently attached to the spacer, and a layer of strong and resilient RA-33 adhesive is applied, providing excellent adhesion to a wide array of surfaces. As a finished tag, SKYLINE’s surface is printable with TTR printers.

With its compact size, outstanding read range and high number of possible applications, the new RAIN RFID product is a superior solution for tracking metallic assets, items and components in industrial environments such as automotive, mechanical engineering and aviation. Smartrac’s SKYLINE inlays and tags are fully compliant with VDA recommendations for the automotive industry and supported by the leading automation companies globally.

Smartrac and identytag completed initial product volumes and will be ramping up production in the second half of the year 2019. Click here to learn more about UHF inlays from Smartrac.