TDK Simulation Models for RF Inductors Now Available thru Modelithics

TDK Corporation has announced that its subsidiary TDK Corporation of America has become a Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP)Modelithics is a specialist in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave measurements as well as measurement-based modeling of RF and microwave components. Through the MVP program, TDK and Modelithics are collaboratively developing and supporting the highest accuracy device simulation models for TDK components, including RF inductors. These models are available through Modelithics’ for multiple EDA simulation tools.

TDK currently lists nine inductor components through Modelithics’ Microwave Global Models simulation framework. Each is a highly scalable model representing a full series of parts, covering a wide range of values. These models feature substrate scaling, pad scaling and part value scaling, all within one schematic element for a part series.

TDK’s unique multilayer manufacturing process enables the creation of industry-leading RF components such as RF inductors, filters, diplexers, triplexers, baluns and couplers with higher inductance and Q characteristics in small form factors. TDK’s wire-wound technology uses high performing closed magnetic circuit with high permeability (μ) ferrite particles to enable lower Rdc values which reduce energy consumption. These components are designed for all types of high frequency applications ranging from consumer electronics and mobile phones to automotive. No matter the application, TDK is present every step of the way to help customers design and create innovative products for the next evolution of wireless technology.

The TDK MVP library is available for free 90-day trial use, compatible with a variety of top EDA simulation programs such as ANSYS HFSS, Keysight Technologies’ ADS, NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office, Keysight Technologies’ Genesys, Sonnet Suites and Cadence Spectre RF. 

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