Altair Cellular IoT Chipset Certified to Operate on SoftBank’s NB-IoT Network

Altair Semiconductor has received NB-IoT validation from SoftBank for its ALT1250 cellular IoT chipset. Following this announcement, the chipset is now active on SoftBank’s network in Japan. The validation enables ALT1250 based products to operate on SoftBank’s network for low power cellular-connected smart meters, telematics devices, trackers, wearables, and home appliances.

Altair’s optimized cellular IoT chipsets are one of the industry’s most advanced solutions, providing very low power consumption and enabling a long battery life for cellular IoT modules. Commercially available, they feature a hardware-based security framework and a rich set of features including integrated MCU and GNSS, ideal for integration in a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications.

Designed for cellular IoT applications from the ground up, the ALT1250 is engineered for devices which prioritize battery life and small size. This full solution, 5G ready, dual-band CAT-M & NB-IoT chipset is built to evolve along with the IoT service and cellular network. Built-in security features ensure a reliable IoT service throughout your device’s lifetime.

The ALT1250 is the most highly integrated dual-mode chipset in the market. The chipset incorporates all the key components needed to quickly build functional Cellular IoT applications. Within a single die, this chipset comes integrated with a best in class CAT-M and NB-IoT modem alongside a low-power ARM Cortex M4 MCU, dedicated for application execution. Network credentials are stored on the built-in integrated SIM (iUICC), eliminating the need for an external SIM along with Sony GNSS to pinpoint the device location. A Battery and antenna are all that is needed in order to launch any device.

Click here to view detailed specifications of the ALT1250 chipset.