NI Adds over 50 New Features to the Latest AWR Design Environment

NI AWR has announced the release of the latest version of the NI AWR Design Environment, Version 14.04. The software is available to download for current customers and evaluators from the NI AWR Website.

The new version includes over 50 new improvements/enhancements. These improvements include:

  • The APLAC harmonic balance (HB) simulation of the BSIMSOI model has been improved, as have geometry simplification rules, including enhancements to the shape preprocessing (SPP) engine
  • Improved SPP of 3D electromagnetic (EM) structures
  • Improved performance speed of SPP layout operations.

Additional productivity enhancements include faster alphabetical sorting of library artwork cells and improvements to the user interface to facilitate the selection of multiple net-lists for simultaneous import. Finally, the network synthesis wizard introduced in V14 of the software now supports source-pull data.

Accompanying this release are additional AWR.TV videos that spotlight unique aspects of the V14 software such as the new design example video by NI AWR software EM expert Dr. John Dunn, which explains the use of point ports within the printed-circuit board (PCB) import wizard. The wizard, and in particular point ports, streamlines the process of importing PCB designs for EM simulation with Microwave Office circuit design software.

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