SEAKR to Provide Advanced RF Signal Processor for Northrop Satellites

Northrop Grumman has selected SEAKR Engineering to provide an advanced space signal processor on two new GEOStar satellites scheduled to launch in 2022. This is SEAKR's second major customer utilizing the Wolverine processor, a new RF reconfigurable processor which can flexibly process 10 GHz of bandwidth for a variety of applications. SEAKR's Wolverine technology is highly flexible with on-orbit re-programmable capabilities. This feature is something most satellite customers are looking for.

SEAKR's RF processor leverages four generations of architectural capability supporting the full spectrum of payload processing performance requirements, with a high level of on-orbit reconfigurable processing capability. Pulling from its established heritage capabilities, strength in RF communications, along with the continuous product and architectural advancement, SEAKR continues to define leading edge, state-of-practice processing systems in partnership with Government, Civil and Commercial entities.

SEAKR's previous study and prototype advancements have successfully contributed to their customer's ability to solve complex challenges imperative in advancing capability to meet today's most daunting mission objectives. Key technologies being deployed and leveraged include: Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Technologies, FPGA-based Processing Technologies, and ASIC-Based Processing Technologies.

SEAKR Engineering is one of the leading-edge providers of advanced electronics for space applications. It designs and manufactures processors, command and data handling systems, advanced payloads, and manned space hardware. Founded in 1982 to revolutionize spacecraft memory systems, today SEAKR continues forward innovation with state-of-the-art space communications processors capable of channelization and beamforming.