UMS to Highlight its Latest Advancements in GaN Process Technology at EuMW

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) has confirmed its participation in the upcoming European Microwave Week 2019 (EuMW 2019).  The European Microwave Week is one of the largest events in Europe that is dedicated to microwave components, systems and technology. It is being held from October 01- 04 in Paris. The event consists of a conference and exhibition.

At the Exhibition that will take place from 1-3 October, UMS will be present at booth #A630 where visitors will have the opportunity to meet company representatives to discuss their needs and see UMS’ latest innovations and foundry services. On the booth, attendees will also have the opportunity to enter a UMS Raffle to win 4mm2 on one of the next UMS shared foundry runs.

At the conference which will take place from 29 September to 4 October, UMS will actively participate in the EuMW conferences through various papers and workshops. Here is a list of what UMS will be taking part in at the conference:

30 September (Monday)

14:30-14:50 (EuMIC05-3) Session: New GaN Process Development for Improved Thermal and Efficiency properties - Thermal Performances of Industrial 0.25-μm GaN Technology for Space Applications

1st October (Tuesday)

8:30 – 8:50 (EuMC/EuMIC01-1) - Session: Low Noise Amplifiers - New frontier for RF GaN Technologies applied to SIP product - Didier Floriot – UMS

9:30 – 9:50 (EuMC/EuMIC01-3) - Session Low Noise Amplifiers - High Robustness S-Band GaN Based LNA – A collabotion between UMS (Zineb Ouarch-Provost, Laurent Caillé, Marc Camiade) and Thales LAS (Maxime Olivier, David Leclerc, Clement Tolant, Michel Stanislawiak)

16:50 – 17:40 Foundry Session - Chairman Eric Leclerc, UMS - Several key representatives of RF and microwave semiconductor foundries will give short presentations of their foundry capabilities with respect to the impact of advanced GaN, GaAs and silicon technologies for military and Space, as well as civilian applications in sensing and communication. Eric Leclerc, UMS will be Chairman.

8:30-10:10 (EuMIC12-1) - EuMIC Interactive Session 1 - 10W Ka Band GaN MMIC amplifier embedded in Metal Ceramic Package – A collaboration between UMS (Laurent Marechal, Mehdi Dinari, Thibaut Huet, Elodie Richard, Véronique Serru, Marc Camiade, Christophe Chang) and THALES AVS / MIS (Gregory Mouchon, Bertrand Gerfault, Guillaume Le Rhun)

2nd October (Wednesday)

10:00-16:00 - PA Forum: Device Technologies, Characterization, Modeling and End-Use Applications

The sixth annual EuMW RF and Microwave PA Forum will focus on device technologies, characterization, modeling and end-use applications of RF and microwave PAs. The forum encourages discussion and provides insight into the latest approaches for device modeling, parameter extraction measurement techniques, and process technologies, as well as modern PA theory and design flow. During the forum, Eric Leclerc, from UMS, will present Challenges Around GaN-on-SiC at High Frequencies: Thermal Modeling, Validation, and Advanced Packaging Techniques.

16:30-16:50 (EuMC28-2) – Session Calibration and Characterization Techniques - Linearity and Efficiency Characterization of AlGaN/ GaN and InAlGaN/GaN HEMTs devices using Multi-tone Large Signal Measurements

A collaboration between XLIM Research Institute - UMR CNRS 7252 (Vincent Gillet, Mohamed Bouslama, Michel Prigent, Jean- Christophe Nallatamby, Raymond Quéré), III-V Lab (Stéphane Piotrowicz, Clément Potier, Olivier Patard) and UMS (Christophe Chang)

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