Gore Showcasing NextGen Solutions for Defense Applications at DSEI 2019

 At DSEI 2019, W. L. Gore & Associates are showcasing their latest high-performance solutions for defense applications. The event is taking place in London from Sep 10-13.

GORE is showcasing its Microwave/RF Assemblies that deliver high-quality signals at precise radio frequencies with proven EMI shielding performance. These rugged assemblies in small, lightweight, and highly flexible constructions perform without failure no matter the conditions inside or outside the aircraft and vehicle.

Other products on display include GORE High Speed Data Cables in robust, compact, and routable designs that support the latest open-source architectures and standardized protocols such as Ethernet, HDMI, and USB. They are proven to deliver data and video transmission with total reliability after installation and during operation in defense aircraft and vehicles.

Gore is also displaying its durable, lightweight clothing systems that protect and comfort to keep soldiers safe from extreme environmental impact in the field. GORE PYRAD Fabric Technology provides excellent protection against heat and flame by balancing flame resistance, thermal insulation, and thermal stability. Also on display is GORE-TEX Footwear that provides maximum protection, promotes agility, and offers perfect climate management for protection against chemical and biological situations in warm or hot zone operations.

NFPA-certified ensembles, made with lightweight GORE CHEMPAK Selectively Permeable Fabric that protects against toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents, are also being showcased.

All of Gore’s products are thoroughly tested and meet, even exceed the most stringent industry requirements and standards to ensure that each product will deliver the highest-quality performance in any defense scenario. When it comes to superior cables, cable assemblies, and clothing, the defense sector continues to rely on Gore to meet their complex, functional needs for today and the future.

For more information, visit GORE at Booth S7-324 at DSEI 2019.