Low Power Bluetooth 5.1 Module for Long Range Communication and Direction Finding

Insight SiP has launched an RF module that is designed for classic IoT applications, which use the Bluetooth 5.1 standard for Long Range Communication and Direction-Finding connectivity. The ISP1907-LL RF module is an ultra-miniature size of 8 x 8 x 1 mm module with an integrated antenna. It provides huge computing capability coupled with best-in-class battery life, with power consumption around 20-50% lower than previous generations, making this Bluetooth Low Energy / BLE module a ready to use solution for most IoT applications with connected sensors for medical, healthcare, sport, fitness and industrial devices as well as home automation and beacons. The ISP1907-LL’s Long Range capabilities enable wireless connectivity over an open field range of up to 400 meters between modules.

Before the introduction of this module, Insight SiP successfully launched the ISP4520 RF module, which extended its product portfolio to include Long-Range Networking via LoRa technology.

The ISP1907-LL is based on the Nordic nRF52811 2.4 GHz wireless System on a Chip (SoC) integrating a 2.4 GHz transceiver, a 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M4, with 192 kB flash memory, and 24 kB SRAM and analog and digital peripherals.

The ISP1907-LL supports multiple protocols including BLE, ANT/ANT+, Thread, Zigbee and a range of proprietary 2.4 GHz protocols including Gazell from Nordic Semiconductor. It also supports a wide range of stacks which you can download for free. These stacks include fully qualified BLE stacks for the nRF52 SoC which operate with S112/S132 SoftDevices.

Like all of Insight SiP’s products, the ISP1907-LL is a fully-featured BLE device with embedded 32 MHz Radio and 32 KHz Synchro crystals, a fully integrated RF matching and Antenna and DC-DC convertor including an inductor, thus delivering maximum power-saving efficiency. A full set of interfaces is supplied with the device for analog or digital peripherals including 13 GPIOs including 3 ADCs, an analog to digital convertor, and SPI, PDM I2C and UART buses. It offers pin compatibility with the ISP15, 18 and 19 series.

The new ISP1907-LL is ideal for customers looking for an ultra-miniature RF module to support straight-forward applications that need Bluetooth 5.1 for Long Range and Direction-Finding connectivity over long distances. The ISP1907-LL RF module is designed to run on a coin cell battery. Thanks to the module’s ultra-low power consumption and advanced power management system, the battery can last up to several years.

Module prototypes are available now.  Mass production of the modules will start in Q4 2019. Certification is still pending though (as of 12 September 2019). To support product developers, Insight SiP offers a complete development kit together with sample software that provides everything required out of the box to start developing a solution on day one.

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