Keysight to Showcase its Wide Range of Test Solutions at EuMW 2019

At the European Microwave Week 2019, Keysight will showcase it's range of revolutionary test and measurement solutions for 5G, IoT, Aerospace & Defense and the Automotive sector. The European Microwave Week 2019 will take place in Paris from 29 September to 4 October. The six day event will bring together industry and academia together, including three cutting edge conferences and one exciting trade and technology exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe. The event will provide access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector.

We have summarized Keysight's planned activity for EuMW 2019

5G and Wireless

5G over-the-air Performance Measurement using the New Generation FieldFox Analyzer 

The next generation of FieldFox is a field test solution for 5G and wideband signal monitoring. Frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and 100 MHz real-time bandwidth make this an ideal tool for 5G deployment. In combination with a phased array antenna, it can help 5G operators perform accurate measurements for coverage and beamforming verification. 

5G Waveform Generation and Analysis 

One of the biggest challenges 5G researchers face is the number and variety of waveforms, frequencies, and bandwidths they must investigate. This includes waveforms at frequencies below 6 GHz and at microwave and mmWave frequencies, which may involve wide bandwidths. To help address these test challenges, Keysight’s 5G waveform generation and analysis reference solution combines hardware, software, and measurement expertise. 

5G mmWave Design 

Keysight PathWave System Design (SystemVue) and PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) provide customers with a complete mmWave design flow that meets the challenges of 5G. You can extract circuit-based radio-frequency (RF) impairments via ADS or measurement and incorporate them into SystemVue, which performs 5G-compliant baseband verification. The flow provides customers with a solution that meets all their 5G simulation needs, from circuit to system.

Component Test & Validation

Multiport and Multifunctional Component Test 

The proliferation of multifunction devices with multiple ports presents new challenges for design and test. Many traditional test instruments support only single-function test and provide just one port, resulting in less accurate measurements with complicated test setups and low throughput. Measurement solutions such as Keysight’s E5080B ENA and the P500xA USB vector network analyzer (VNA) can achieve complete device characterization with a single instrument that covers time domain, frequency domain, and pulsed measurements. 

Wideband mmWave Power Amplifier Test 

Traditional test setups, especially for 5G power amplifiers, are complex and can introduce a wide range of sources for potential errors, such as mismatch and cable loss, which compromise signal fidelity and reduce the accuracy and repeatability of measurements. Keysight’s new S93070xB Modulation Distortion Application runs on the Keysight PNA-X VNA. It enables designers to accurately, repeatably, and quickly characterize the behavior of a device under modulated wideband signal stimulus. It leverages state-of-the-art calibration for the best accuracy, offers single connection and single-touch for existing VNA measurements, and provides the lowest possible residual error vector magnitude available. 

mmWave Component Characterisation Solution 

In a world of interconnection, the need to transmit more information faster is driving designers to mmWave frequencies of 30 to 300 GHz. Component characterization at those conditions presents unique challenges. Higher frequencies amplify error sources, including cable losses, connector repeatability, and phase shifts, that might be mostly negligible at radio frequencies. Keysight designed its mmWave solution to perform the most accurate measurement, accounting for all sources of uncertainty.

Aerospace & Defense

Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation Solutions 

Keysight’s electronic warfare (EW) test and evaluation platform offers flexible, commercial off-the-shelf solutions for multiport EW threat simulation and wideband analysis and playback. Create complex multi-emitter scenarios with Keysight threat simulation software, which automatically computes angle of arrival and kinematics. The platform is compatible with other dynamic pulse descriptor word-based scenario generators. 

Phase Noise Test System 

The Keysight N5511A Phase Noise Test System (PNTS) is the new gold-standard phase noise measurement system. PNTS is the foundation of test setups that can measure down to kT (-177 dBm/Hz). This is the theoretical limit for any measurement at room temperature. PNTS is designed for power users at the high end of the market who need to accurately validate the phase noise performance of their designs. They include developers of high-performance aerospace and defense applications as well as cutting-edge device characterization for 5G and other wireless communication systems.


Automotive Radar Test 

Keysight’s E8740A automotive radar testing solution analyzes and generates automotive radar signals across full frequency ranges for legacy 24 GHz and new 77 GHz and 79 GHz bands. The solution provides the scalable analysis bandwidth from 2.5 GHz to > 5 GHz that new mmWave technology tests and standards demand. PathWave Lab Operations provides a 360-degree view of design flow. For manufacturing applications, the E8707/8A radar target simulator helps automotive electronics manufacturers simulate targets in real-time, down to 4 meters, to quickly validate the product’s performance. 

Automotive Radar Design 

For automotive designers, PathWave Design 2020 improves complex environment modeling for system design and validation. Designers can integrate critical safety-conscious and complicated scenarios into reliable, leading-edge automotive radar design. SystemVue accelerates radar design workflows. It provides connectivity to test and measurement instruments, ease of data file upload and download, and integration with the schematic workspace in PathWave ADS. 


KeysightCare redefines best-in-class customer care in test and measurement. It offers dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions. Get faster response times, faster access to specialized experts, and faster time to resolution. Beyond KeysightCare, we offer services that help you get more from your test investment, including calibration/repair, used equipment, technology refresh, consulting, training, financial services, and test-as-a-service.

IoT, Education and Simulation

IoT Device Battery Life Optimisation Solution 

The need for convenience and portability has led to smaller battery-operated devices, leaving many IoT device developers struggling to calculate and validate battery life expectancy accurately. Keysight’s X8712A IoT device battery life optimization solution combines a DC power analyzer, SMU modules, RF event detector, and dedicated software. It enables developers to quickly and effortlessly detect design weakness and optimize IoT device battery life. 

RF and MW Teaching Solution 

The complexity and dynamic nature of modern technology demands engineering graduates who are ready to enter the workforce and work effectively from day one. Keysight’s RF Microwave Teaching Solution covers the complete RF circuit design flow. It provides students with engineering essentials, practical skills, and everyday application knowledge to help them successfully develop 5G and IoT wireless applications. The solution includes the U3851A RF microwave circuit design, simulation, and measurement courseware. It features a modular prototype kit that uses a 1.8 GHz receiver module, editable lab sheets, and problem-based assignments covering 50 hours of lab sessions. 

PathWave Design software 

PathWave Design 2020 provides modeling for system design and validation. For 5G it provides a complete mmWave design flow from circuit to system. You can extract circuit-based radio-frequency (RF) impairments via ADS or measurement and incorporate them into SystemVue, which performs 5G-compliant baseband verification. Automotive designers can integrate critical safety-conscious and complicated scenarios into reliable, leading-edge automotive radar design. Electromagnetic simulation allows high-frequency modeling of interaction between circuit, package, and PCB. 

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