2D Radar Sensor Detects the Speed, Direction, and Range of Objects in View

Short-Range Radar (SRR) sensors supplier, OmniPreSense, has unveiled its first ever 2D radar sensor, the OPS243-C. It operates as both a Doppler and FMCW radar sensor capable of reporting the speed, direction, and range for objects in its field of view. The extra reporting capability enables new Smart City applications such as vehicle and foot traffic monitoring as well as in-room presence detect.

By providing additional information about objects in its field of view, the OPS243-C can enable systems to better visualize their environment and provide better context for what’s happening in front of them. A smart traffic monitor can understand the difference between a car that is passing on the street and one making a right turn. A monitor for foot traffic can count the number of people in a conference room. When only one person is present, it can ensure the lights remain on. Other systems such as robots or drones can quickly understand the difference between a stationary wall or an object moving towards them.

The OPS243-C radar sensor can detect people up to 20 meters away and vehicles up to 60 meters away. It has a tight 20˚ beam width and draws less than 1.9W of power. The same simple API found on other OmniPreSense radar sensors is utilized. The sensor will carry FCC/IC modular certification lowering cost and speeding time to market.

The OPS243-C is priced at $229 in single unit quantities and ships in October. It can be ordered now from the company or from distribution partners Mouser, RobotShop, and Acroname.