QinetiQ to Develop Robust Global Navigation System for UK Ministry of Defense

QinetiQ, a company that operates in the defense, security and aerospace markets, has won a £67m contract from the Ministry of Defense (MOD) Defense Equipment and Support (DE&S) to develop multi-constellation satellite receivers under the UK Robust Global Navigation System (R-GNS) program. The program will deliver critical capability to provide UK Defense with accurate and resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) which will underpin the UK’s ability to undertake 24/7 military operations around the world in the most demanding and increasingly contested operational environments.

The use of multi-constellation, multi-service satellite navigation signals, multiple sensors and QinetiQ’s advanced processing technologies will enable secured navigation ensuring that users and platforms (increasingly including autonomous land, maritime, air and weapons systems) will be able to navigate accurately, robustly and safely.

Ensuring that UK Forces have the best and most resilient secured navigation capabilities is essential to ensuring that they are able to operate effectively in increasingly challenging operational environments. This programme will exploit QinetiQ’s advanced technologies and, working collaboratively with its partners across the supply base, deliver substantial operational advantage for UK Defence.

QinetiQ, working with its partner (Collins Aerospace) and sub-contractors (Roke Manor Research, Raytheon Systems Limited, Garfield Microelectronics, Nottingham Scientific Limited, Phixos and a number of other specialist suppliers and manufacturing partners) will work together to provide advanced navigation products that are UK sovereign supplied, Low Size Weight and Power (SWAP) delivering high accuracy, resilient and secured operational capability.

The first R-GNS product will be delivered by February 2022.