NXP Introduces Secure UWB Chipset for Mobile Devices

NXP has introduced a secure chipset designed to bring remarkably precise positioning performance to next-generation UWB-enabled mobile devices. With the SR100T, mobile devices will be able to communicate with connected doors, points of entry, and cars to open them once a user is approaching. Lights, audio speakers, and any other connected device with UWB sensing capability will be able to follow users from one room to another, and smart connected technology will intuitively be embedded in people’s lives.

The new UWB-based chipset, SR100T, amplifies and builds on NXP’s connectivity, security ecosystem expertise, and proven security architecture found in many of today’s popular mobile payment-enabled devices featuring NFC and SE hardware. Adding UWB brings the use case of spatial awareness and relative positioning among multiple devices, whether indoor or outdoor, with little to no interference. Additionally, the UWB implementation delivers unprecedented accuracy, even in crowded, multipath signal environments with numerous walls, people, and other obstacles. The technology also uses angle-of-arrival (AoA) technology to accurately indicate the direction of a signal for added precision. 

Furthermore, the SR100T expands NXP’s mobile wallet solution to include spatial awareness for new handsfree access applications. 

Setting the Benchmark on Robust Wireless Accuracy and Localization

  • 6 to 9 GHz; 500 MHz bandwidth per channel
  • High accuracy of AoA estimates with dual-Rx for AoA functionality
  • Exceptional range accuracy in non-line-of-sight (nLOS): ±10 cm with angle accuracy (LoS): ±3°

Multi-layered Security Approach 

  • Best-in-class RF security provided through the security extension currently being specified in IEEE 802.15.4z
  • Multiple integrated security mechanisms for both the protection of keys and software security
  • Unified security architecture with NFC and Secure Element

NXP is a co-founder of the FiRa Consortium, a community of industry experts dedicated to the development and widespread adoption of seamless user experiences based on the secure fine-ranging and positioning capabilities of interoperable UWB technologies. 

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