PCTEL Introduces LTE & GNSS Combination Antenna

PCTEL, a supplier of antennas and wireless network testing solutions, has announced an innovative new antenna that combines precision multi-constellation GNSS with high-performance LTE, sub-6 GHz 5G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. The Coach II antenna will be on display at the RSSI C&S Exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota from September 22 to 24

The Coach II antenna with GNSS L1/L2/L5 is designed to provide greater precision and reliability for advanced rail communications systems, enabling everything from next-generation Positive Train Control (PTC) to passenger WiFi. Precise timing and tracking information is critical not just for rail, but for a variety of fleet, public safety, and industrial IoT applications.

The new antenna features:

  • Global multi-GNSS compatibility: 1150-290 MHz (GPS L2/L5; GALILEO E5A/E5B/E6; GLONASS L2/L3; BEIDOU B2/B3); 1500-615 MHz (GPS L1; GALILEO E1; GLONASS L1; BEIDOU B1/B1-2)
  • Dual port 4G LTE / sub-6 GHz 5G NR
  • 802.11ac WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity
  • AAR compliant for railway applications
  • IP67 rated design

The antenna will be available for order in early November using part # GL125-DLTEMIMO.

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