Avnet Acquires Witekio to Boost Software and IoT Capabilities at Device Level

Avnet, a technology solutions provider that delivers design, product, marketing and supply chain expertise, has signed an agreement to acquire Witekio (formerly known as Adeneo Embedded). Witekio is a privately held company with expertise in software and embedded systems that helps developers overcome the technical challenges and complexity of developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

This announcement furthers Avnet’s end-to-end IoT strategy by adding more capabilities and expertise in embedded software, edge computing and security, specifically from hardware to the cloud. This acquisition also underscores Avnet’s commitment to helping companies reduce the time, cost and complexities of successfully bringing IoT products to market.

The addition of Witekio to the Avnet ecosystem follows the company’s acquisition of Softweb Solutions, another software company, in December 2018. Witekio develops software for every layer from devices to the cloud, and Softweb develops cloud-based software to connect, manage and analyze data. Witekio’s user-centric technology includes connected hardware, device architectures and applications that complement Softweb’s offerings.

The combination of Witekio’s embedded software and design expertise with Avnet’s already robust technology ecosystem further strengthens Avnet overall solutions strategy, which is unparalleled in the market today. With Witekio’s expertise, Avnet will be able to deliver a complete hardware, software, cloud and middleware solution that delivers insights based on the customer’s specific business case.

Witekio completely embraces Avnet’s strategy to build vertical and scalable platforms that can quicken time to market and reduce financial investment while still offering a high level of customization to all players that want to tackle IoT opportunities. The transaction is subject to prior regulatory approval and is expected to close before the end of 2019.