ETL Systems Launches New RF Matrix/Router for LEO Ground Stations

ETL Systems has launched a new compact L-band RF matrix/router called the Hawk, which is ideally suited for RF signal routing in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) gateways, as well as small High Throughput Satellite (HTS) ground stations and deployable VSAT terminals. The Hawk was demonstrated on Sept. 14th at IBC 2019.

The Hawk matrix is a new addition to ETL’s range of 36 L-band Matrices which is more than double the range of its nearest competitor. The new Hawk provides flexible routing solutions with configurable capacity and uplink or downlink matrix module options. It can be configured with either dual 8x8 matrix modules or a single 16x8 or 8x16 matrix module. It is a cost-effective solution, as one module can be combining for uplink transmit signals and the other distributive for downlink receive signals. The 1U matrix can also be configured with two modules combining or distributing.

Ground segment equipment for LEO constellations benefits from compact designs with high resiliency and flexibility, and ETL has designed the Hawk matrix with this in mind. Along with LEO gateways, this new matrix is well suited to other applications, such as small teleports with multiple modems and one or two antennas. The design of the Hawk matrix supports mission-critical communication applications with plug and go technology from field-replaceable matrix modules and hot-swap CPU and dual redundant power supply units.

ETL Systems also demonstrated a new rack-mounted Ku to L-band frequency converter, called the Falcon as well as demonstrating a wide range of RF products, including StingRay RF over Fibre, Griffin Redundancy Switch, and a range of RF components.

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