Corry Micronics Appoints PPM Systems as its Distributor in the UK

PPM Systems, the UK-based division of Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd (PPM), will now be the seller of RF products from US manufacturer Corry Micronics, in the United Kingdom.

The new partnership will see the addition of Corry Micronics’ RF amplifiers, RF switches, switch matrixes, RF and microwave sub-systems added to PPM’s existing portfolio of RF over fibre systems, antennas, software-defined radio and more. Corry Micronics has its roots in the US defence and security industries, the same sectors PPM has always been deeply committed to in the UK. Its components are an ideal complement to PPM’s suite of engineering services and products.

Established in the 1970s to meet the needs of the US Department of Defense, Corry Micronics has become one of the key suppliers of EMI/RFI filters, RF and microwave components and sub-systems for critical defense, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial applications.

PPM Systems is a division of UK-based Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd (PPM). PPM was founded in 1994 and has three further divisions: ViaLite Communications, PPM Power and PPM Test. PPM System specializes in RF over fibre systems, antennas and stacked antenna systems, software-defined radio, RF filtering and conditioning and IED/ECM defeat systems.

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