Teledyne Exhibiting Advanced RF & Microwave Technologies at EuMW 2019

At the European Microwave Week in Paris this week, Teledyne Technologies is showcasing its latest RF/Microwave advancements to customers and attendees. A total of six Teledyne business units have joined forces to show how their combined, comprehensive line of advanced technologies offer customers a ‘single source’ for RF/MW solutions serving nearly every global market. Customers visiting the company’s booth (Booth #015) will be able to meet with representatives of Teledyne Labtech, Teledyne MEC, Teledyne Microwave Solutions, Teledyne Storm Microwave, Teledyne e2v, and Teledyne e2v RF Power -- Defence.

These Teledyne business units, most of whom operate under the umbrella brand of Teledyne Defense Electronics, together serve as a one-stop shop for a global customer base in a wide variety of both military and civil/commercial markets including Electronic Warfare, Space, Radar, Satcom, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Missiles, Test & Measurement, Telecom, Broadcast, Maritime, Medical, Wireless, and more.

Here is an overview of some of the Teledyne capabilities being showcased this week in Paris:

  • Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) from Teledyne e2v. The ADCs have sampling speeds up to 6.4 GS/s with bandwidths up to 6 GHz, while the DACs have sampling speeds up to 8 GS/s and bandwidths up to 7.5 GHz. Both product lines feature low latency and are available up to Space-grade.
  • Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) and Complex Waveguide Assemblies from Teledyne e2v RF Power -- Defence. Solutions include compact power and helix TWTs for electronic warfare applications, and components and integrated, high performance sub-assemblies for commercial and military markets.
  • A range of GaN Amplifiers and the well-known RF/MW Cougar Components from Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS). The GaN amplifiers from TMS feature industry-leading size and weight for airborne and space applications with demanding SWaP requirements. The comprehensive Cougar line of components, include VCOs, Mixers, Attenuators, Detectors, Filters, Frequency Detectors, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers and much more, and include drop-in compatible replacement components. Reflecting Cougar’s long and deep heritage in Space, all lines are available at Space-grade.
  • A wide variety of Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) technologies from the world leader in TWT engineering, Teledyne MEC. Featured solutions will include Teledyne MECs newest version of its line of compact, high power Q- and Ka-band TWTs, as well as its high reliability Radar and Electronic Warfare TWTs that are trusted and deployed on many military programs.
  • Complex RF PCBs, and some of the world’s most innovative and advanced copper coin thermal management processes (white paper) for solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) from Teledyne Labtech. With a long heritage in space, Teledyne Labtech PCBs include large assemblies with up to 2m x 2m footprints.
  • High Performance Microwave Cable Assemblies developed and tailored by industry leader Teledyne Storm Microwave to meet the requirements of a wide range of challenging applications. Storm will be featuring their enhanced SF047EW (E & W Band) cable with a new 1.35 mm connector that offers additional design options and connectivity solutions over the standard 1 mm connector.

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