Users Show Interest in ViaLite’s RF Over Fiber Solutions

ViaLite's smallest outdoor RF enclosure, the ODE-MINI, received significant interest from visitors at the recently concluded IBC 2019 event in Amsterdam. Class leading for its size and cost, the IP65-rated enclosure, ODE-MINI, can house two ViaLiteHD Blue OEM modules with optional SNMP for monitoring and control.

In addition to the enclosure, ViaLite’s System Designer tool also got a lot of interest. The tool allows users to predict and validate the performance of complex RF over fiber systems including multiple DWDM products. The software allows the user to drag and drop a variety of components to create their proposed system. System performance results are then calculated by the tool, allowing the user to analyze their design and make amendments if needed.

Other new RF over fiber developments on display at IBC included ViaLite’s Local Integrated GPS Splitter and the C-Band RF over fiber link, which has a full operational range of 500 MHz to 7.5 GHz.

Click here to learn more about the ODE-MINI.

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