Now Download All NXP RF Reference Designs and Docs from the RF Circuit Collection

NXP Semiconductors has released what they call the RF Circuit Collection which gives engineers online access to more than four hundred RF power reference circuits and documentation. The library enables engineers to accelerate power amplifier development. Additionally, the online availability of reference circuit design files helps reduce time to market for 5G wireless infrastructure, industry 4.0, aerospace and defense market segments, while boosting the adoption of solid-state into emerging RF power applications like RF Energy. 

The RF Circuit Collection provides access to a wide range of evaluation boards from 1.8 MHz to 3.8 GHz, with output power from 10 dBm to 1800 Watts. The online data packages include: 

  • A description of the evaluation board with performance data, a quick start guide, tuning tips and bill of materials
  • A set of design layout reference files
  • Access to order fully assembled boards

NXP envisions the RF Circuit Collection to be a comprehensive online library for all RF developers to browse power amplifier design ideas and find off-the-shelf prototypes. As NXP takes on the initial development effort and delivers proven design concepts, engineers can jump-start their projects and get more bandwidth to focus on the core value of their product. 

The RF Circuit Collection is available now at The most popular RF reference circuit packages are released for download now with more being added every month or on-demand.