Anritsu & EMITE Develop a 5G OTA Test Solution

Anritsu and EMITE, a developer that commercializes OTA Test Systems for performance, compliance and pre‐compliance testing, have successfully integrated the Anritsu MT8000A test instrument and used it in combination with the EMITE H300 CATR 5G OTA Test System to test 5G OTA figures of merit.

The MT8000A is an integrated one‐box test set for testing 5G NSA and SA at Sub‐6 GHz and mm‐Wave frequency ranges. The combination of H300 + MT8000A enables simultaneous Sub‐6 GHz and millimeter‐wave bands OTA measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by CTIA, 3GPP, and PTCRB with automated reporting and pass/fail evaluation.

A number of NR NSA devices have been tested in combination with Anritsu MT8821C with less than 0.5 dB STD differences. The benchmarking tests use different 5G signal generation and analysis instruments with the state‐of‐the‐art H‐Series CATR OTA Test System by EMITE. With excellent 15 micrometer peak‐to‐peak manufacturing accuracies, the modified‐design serrated‐edges reflector and hybrid feed‐source, the H‐Series can provide simultaneous operation for Sub‐6 GHz and mm‐Wave frequencies using three different test methods, Direct Far Field, Near to Far-Field Transformation and Indirect Far Field Compact Antenna Test Range from 0.6 to 110 GHz within a 30 or 60 cm Quiet Zone. Layer‐2 OTA throughputs for a 100 MHz 2x2 NR channel achieved 817 Mbps for some devices, representing 100% of the maximum expected throughput for the employed slot‐map.   

EMITE has observed quite a stable operation for 5G OTA using Anritsu gNodeB emulators. The combination of the stable signaling, EMITE’s simultaneous FR1+FR2 frequency range coverage, a 60cm QZ, and a climatic enclosure puts its H‐Series Test Platforms in an unbeatable situation in the market.


  • Country: United States
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