Radio Frequency Systems Appoints John Cole as CTO

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has appointed John Cole as CTO of the company. Cole joined RFS in 2018 as VP Base Station Antennas, bringing more than 35 years of experience in the RF/microwave industry, including senior and executive positions in market-leading companies. 

During his first 18 months with RFS, Cole has already refined RFS’s approach to product management to focus on customer-driven solutions for 5G. RFS technology and innovation leadership include the RFS’s FUSION program, which builds on RFS’s APA (Active Passive Antenna) launched in 2018. It allows operators to stagger the cost of 5G, deploying a passive 4G antenna today that can be seamlessly upgraded to add active 5G mMIMO capacity with plug and play modules in the future. 

RFS has seen growing demand as it has launched an increasingly comprehensive range of products and solutions dedicated to solving challenges faced by operators. Cole will build on this as RFS is leading the network evolution to 5G.

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