Compact, Low Power Bluetooth 5.0 Module for Long Range Applications

Taiyo Yuden has released a Bluetooth 5 compatible wireless communications module for outdoor security devices, IoT devices used in large factories, and IoT-related devices that require long-distance communications capability such as physical distribution terminals.

The newly launched EYSKDNZWB (9.6×12.9×1.4 mm) has a range that is approximately three times that of the existing EYSKBNZWB (15.4×10.0×2.0 mm) module while maintaining the same power consumption and having a size that is approximately 40% smaller by combining Taiyo Yuden's proprietary advanced antenna technology, small-devices design technique, and high-density design technique. This product will contribute to expanding communication range with the benefit of Bluetooth 5 low power consumption, which will allow IoT devices to be implemented in sensor networks in large areas such as factories.

IoT-related devices are required to operate at extremely low power consumption when used in, for example, sensor networks. Most such devices use Bluetooth technology as a wireless communications standard with low power consumption. In addition, implementing IoT devices used in factories or outdoor areas requires wireless communications modules that support a long communication range due to the long distance between sensor nodes and hubs and the existence of many obstacles such as walls. In wireless communications that utilize radio waves, however, there is a trade-off between communications range and power consumption. The difficulty in improving these factors simultaneously has been an ongoing issue.

The EYSKDNZWB is set to be introduced at MWC19 Los Angeles being held from October 22-24, 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.)'s exhibition Booth #3051. Mass production of the products will commence in November 2019, with a sample price of 3,000 yen per unit.

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