Murata Developing 60 GHz RF Modules for Facebook’s Terragraph Technology

Murata has announced that the company is currently working to develop an RF module for Facebook’s gigabit wireless technology solution called Terragraph. Terragraph is designed to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-speed internet access in urban and suburban environments.

The gigabit wireless technology is enabled in part by placing millimeter-wave RF modules at 200 to 250 meter intervals between base stations. To give you some background, high-speed networks are typically constructed by burying fiber-optic cable, but long completion times and the high costs of laying fiber are significant challenges. With Terragraph, deployment takes less time and costs less when compared to a conventional network. This is accomplished by attaching set boxes that include millimeter-wave RF modules to objects such as streetlights that are already ubiquitous in cities.

Murata’s millimeter-wave RF modules use an independently developed LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) that realizes stable communication quality in the millimeter-wave band and features both high heat and moisture resistance. This helps ensure a high-quality network environment for Terragraph.

The product will be exhibited at the Murata Manufacturing booth (Makuhari Messe, Hall 7, H021) at CEATEC 2019 from October 14-18.

Click here to learn more about Terragraph.

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