LitePoint & NXP Introduces Test Platform for UWB Devices

LitePoint has collaborated with NXP Semiconductors to test and validate devices that use NXP’s recently announced secure fine ranging chipset, SR100T based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology. Customers will be able to use the integrated LitePoint IQgig-UWB solution to help test and calibrate devices enabled with NXP’s UWB technology

UWB is a technology addressing security applications in automotive and mobile products through precise positioning. NXP announced the SR100T device that combines Bluetooth, near field communication (NFC) and UWB technology in early June. The device enables precise localization for high anti-counterfeit protection and gives exceptional consumer experience for passive smart access.

NXP UWB is designed for both consumer and industrial internet of things (IoT) applications that need location accuracy. Other target markets include mobile smart devices, RF modules, tier 1 / tier 2 automotive suppliers, and contract manufacturers. 

LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB test platform is the first fully integrated test solution to calibrate and validate devices with UWB technology. It offers complete physical-layer testing and calibration of devices enabled with UWB technology including IEEE 802.15.4z. The system has a precision trigger and response mechanism to enable Time of Flight (ToF) measurements with picosecond level accuracy and comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing with over 1 GHz of single-shot bandwidth and with receiver sensitivity testing down to -100 dBm.

Click here to learn more about the IQgig-UWB test platform.


  • Country: United States
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