Pivotal to Conduct Live Demo of its mm-Wave 5G Beamforming Repeater at MWC LA

Pivotal Commware, a leading provider of 5G platforms, will be conducting live demos of its Echo 5G products at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles at the Luxe Hotel on October 22-23, 2019. Pivotal’s Echo products help solve key challenges for 5G wireless access at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies.

The Echo 5G Subscriber is a self-installable, on-the-window, precision beamforming repeater designed to counteract mm-Wave penetration, reflection, and structural shadowing losses so it can gently flood an interior with mmWave signal. Essentially, the Echo 5G acts as a portal between indoor and outdoor worlds. For fixed wireless access (FWA) providers serving homes and enterprises, it facilitates Gigabit speeds and introduces superior broadband choice and experience to cable and DSL end users. For 5G connected devices, it enables outdoor-to-indoor signal transitions so users can ubiquitously enjoy the immersive 5G experiences that only mmWave capacity can deliver.

The Echo 5G product line accomplishes this using Pivotal’s patented Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) technology whose cost, size, weight and power consumption (C-SWaP) profile is significantly lower than phased array beamformers; specifically, an order of magnitude less cost, less than half the weight and less than one third the power consumption.

Lacking line-of-sight to the nearest 5G base station, the demonstration Echo 5G Subscriber unit will be assisted by the Echo 5G Network device, which, as an outdoor network repeater, captures and redirects mmWave signals from the 5G base station around obstacles like buildings and guides the coverage to extend the range of 5G base stations. By doing so, the Echo 5G Network reduces base station CAPEX, ongoing OPEX, siting costs and deployment time, while growing network coverage organically along with revenue.

During live 5G field trials, the Echo 5G Subscriber has reliably demonstrated Gigabit+ ubiquitous connectivity indoors (residential buildings, office spaces, retail stores, stadium skyboxes), showcasing its ability to overcome the last obstacle to delivering 5G broadband access to homes and businesses with mmWave – in-building penetration. Meanwhile, Pivotal expects Echo 5G Network to off-load the mmWave coverage burden from base stations, minimizing siting costs and deployment time while reducing CAPEX and with it, ongoing OPEX.

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