OriginGPS Unveils Miniature GNSS Module for L1 + L5 Bands

OriginGPS has introduced its first dual-frequency GNSS module. Measuring just 10 x 10 mm, the ORG4600-B01 module supports L1 + L5 GNSS reception with one RF port, enabling the use of a low-cost, dual-band antenna delivering sub-1 m accuracy performance in real-world operating conditions. An alternate build option allows for separate L1/L5 RF outputs when dual antennas are required. The ORG4600-B01 is ideally suited for solutions requiring ultra-accurate positioning, such as telematics, IoT and OBD applications. 

This year has seen several satellites launched into orbit every month, most of them fitted with L5/E5 capabilities, and the Chinese and European Union governments plan to have their satellite constellations fully operational by 2020. OriginGPS developed the ORG4600-B01 module with the BCM47758 GNSS receiver chip from Broadcom Inc. This was the fastest and surest way to add a high-quality dual-frequency module to their portfolio and meet customers' increasing requirements for ultra-accurate GNSS modules. The new module will enable customers to build solutions with sub-1m accuracy without implementing external components. 

Size is a crucial parameter in GNSS dual-frequency solutions. This collaboration between Broadcom and OriginGPS has created the industry's smallest dual-frequency module with 'no compromise' quality. For customers seeking an ultra-accurate GNSS solution in a compact form factor, the ORG4600-B01 fits the bill. The collaboration enables Broadcom to reach new markets, such as precision agriculture, security, children tracking and fleet management. 

OriginGPS is showcasing its products with real-life demos at MWC 2019, Los Angeles, Oct 22-24.