NXP Introduces 2.4 GHz Chipset for Wireless Gaming Headsets

NXP Semiconductors has announced that Turtle Beach, a gaming headset maker, has chosen their NXH3670 to deliver powerfully immersive surround sound and a crystal-clear chat experience for the Elite Atlas Aero Wireless High-Performance Headset for PC Gamers and Streamers. The NXH3670 is NXP’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless audio streaming solution designed for gaming and communication headsets and features ultra-low audio latency and industry-lowest power consumption.

Turtle Beach’s Elite Atlas Aero is the industry’s first gaming headset to use NXP’s new NXH3670, offering exceptional power consumption that allows for increased playtime. As an added bonus, especially important in a wireless headset, the NXH3670 can also increase user comfort by reducing battery weight, making the Aero one of the most comfortable headsets in the market.

A Gaming console always requires a long-lasting battery. With NXP’s optimized and integrated architecture in the Elite Atlas Aero, Turtle has delivered a premium PC headset that’s perfect for gaming and streaming, with a substantially improved battery life and excellent wireless range and reliability.

The NXP NXH3670 audio streaming solution is a highly integrated, single-chip ultra-low-power 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver, embedding both an Arm Cortex- M0 microcontroller (which runs the protocol stack) as well as, an embedded Coolflux DSP (running all of the audio processing including sample rate conversion and audio compression). Measuring only 7.25 mm2, the BLE 4.2 certified device is targeted at robust, high-quality wireless audio streaming at very low latency, targeting applications such as gaming and communications headsets, as well as soundbars, wireless microphones, and wireless speakers.

The NXH3670’s efficient streaming protocol reduces the power consumption to 8.5 mW, which allows for exceptional battery life, enabling the Elite Atlas Aero headset to provide seamless, continuous audio for up to 30-hours.