Microsoft Using TV White Space Technology to Provide Connectivity in Rural Areas

RADWIN and Microsoft Corp. have announced a new strategic partnership to address the rural broadband gap. RADWIN will be developing and introducing to the market TV White Space solutions to deliver broadband internet to unserved communities. Focused on introducing innovative technologies into the TV White Space market, the partnership will expand the TV White Space ecosystem, making broadband more affordable and accessible for customers in the rural U.S. and around the world. This partnership is part of Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, which aims to expand broadband coverage using a mixture of technologies including TV White Space.

Broadband is a vital part of the 21st-century infrastructure. Yet, only about half of the world’s population is connected to the internet. New cloud services and other technologies make broadband connectivity a necessity for starting and growing small businesses and taking advantage of advances in agriculture, telemedicine and education. According to findings by the Boston Consulting Group, a connectivity model that uses a combination of technologies, including TV White Space, can reduce the cost of extending broadband coverage in rural communities. TV White Space is an important part of the solution, creating broadband connections in UHF bands and enabling communication in challenging rural terrains and highly vegetated areas, all while protecting broadcasters and other licensees from harmful interference. 

This solution utilizes unused TV channels in the 470-698 MHz band to connect unserved rural customers to the digital world. The addition of innovative TV White Space solutions to RADWIN’s portfolio, which complements their sub-6GHz and mmWave fixed wireless offering, would enable the service provider customers and partners to extend their footprint by connecting more remote subscribers in challenging deployment use cases, penetrating through terrain obstructions and vegetation, and therefore helping to close the digital divide.

In addition to the partnerships with companies like RADWIN, Microsoft’s Airband Initiative invests in partnerships with internet service providers (ISPs) and other telecommunications companies, introduces innovative solutions for rural connectivity and provides digital skills training for people in newly connected communities. RADWIN and Microsoft will be introducing the innovative TV White Space solutions to these Airband Initiative partners, as well as to the global telecommunications industry, during the second half of 2019. 

RADWIN Unveiled the TVWS Point-to-Multi Point solution at WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas on Oct 14, 2019 and will showcase it at My Broadband in South Africa on Oct 17.


  • Country: United States
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