IME China 2019 Exhibition and Conference Begins Today!

IME China 2019 (China International Conference & Exhibition on Microwave and Antenna) is the largest conference and exhibition based on microwave and antennas to take place in China. Beginning today, October 23rd in the city of Shanghai, the event will act as a mediating platform for technical exchanges, business co-operations and trade promotions between the global microwave and antenna products & technology suppliers and Chinese microwave and antenna customers. The event is a must-attend event for design engineers, technical managers and purchasing executives in China.

To be held till the 25th of October, the three day event is divided into an exhibition and a conference. While the exhibition platform is being used by the prospective companies to showcase their latest products and technologies, visitors to the event can attend or take part in seminars at the conference to deeply communicate with the enterprises and industry experts for technological understanding and problem solving.

The exhibitors’ product portfolio includes the latest in antennas, amplifiers, couplers, mmWave components, MMICs, isolators, oscillators, phase shifters, power divider, test & measurement solutions, RFICs, simulators, switches, terminations, waveguide components, modules, PCBs and more. Click here to know more.

The IME China conference/technical enables participating companies to connect with the visitors and tell them about their latest products and technologies in detail. The seminar topics include the following:

  • The analysis of development of China microwave communication market
  • The design of microwave integrated circuit
  • The latest development of radio frequency technique
  • Microwave imaging technology
  • Radio communication technology
  • Frequency synthesis technology of modern communication
  • The theory of repeater and engineering test
  • Microwave communication and navigation technology
  • Microwave Remote Sensing Technology for Monitoring Targets
  • The theory and exercise of electromagnetic field

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