10 Port MET & RET Enabled Canister Antennas for Mid-Band Frequencies

Baylin Technologies announced that Galtronics (its wholly-owned subsidiary), has expanded its popular two-foot, 10 port quasi-omni small cell / C-RAN canister antenna product line to include Manual Electrical Tilt (MET) and Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) capabilities. The MET and RET versions share identical RF performance characteristics and the MET alternative has already been pre-approved for use with a major Tier-1 North American Carrier.

The performance of the small cell/C-RAN antennas has been optimized for mid-band frequencies (PCS, AWS, and BRS) and additionally supports unlicensed CBRS and LAA frequency bands and is compliant to FCC UNI-1 regulations.

Operators can adjust the new quasi-omni canister antenna either manually by the electrical tilt of the mid-band beams (MET) or remotely using an industry-standard motorized actuator (RET). Additionally, each beam peak of the quasi-omni pattern can be adjusted independently through its own set of phase shifters which allows the operator to optimize three unique tilts despite the overall electrical pattern being combined into quasi-omni RF coverage.

These new products will allow customers to optimize the coverage of their small cell deployments for their highly-valued licensed spectrum. The new antennas are currently in the pilot run and orders are expected to start shipping late Q1 or early Q2 2020. These latest products offer customers a single antenna that can serve multiple deployment scenarios thereby eliminating the need to stock multiple SKUs with various fixed electrical tilt.

Galtronics showcased its full spectrum of small cell, base station and DAS antennas at MWC19 Los Angeles, from October 22 to 24 2019.