CRFS Launches Portable, High-Fidelity RF Recorder with In-Built Storage

CRFS has launched its new RFeye SenS Portable, a small, lightweight, high-fidelity RF recorder for long-duration signal recording and playback, with applications in defense, manufacturing, and telecommunications. 

With a high-fidelity RF receiver and in-built SSD storage up to 25.6 TB, the SenS Portable can record up to 12 hours of gapless, high-resolution RF data across a wide instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) of 100 MHz. 

The SenS Portable also uses a highly sensitive built-in receiver that provides excellent receiver sensitivity. Its low noise figure and phase noise and high spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) empower operators to capture and differentiate between low-power, distant or “snuggling” signals - small signals that hide beside larger signals, a tactic commonly used by state-level actors in electronic warfare (EW). 

In addition to electronic and communications intelligence (ELINT and COMINT), the SenS Portable can be used for 5G development, test and measurement of sensitive electronics like autonomous vehicles and medical equipment, spectrum management for telecommunications regulators, and even countersurveillance, the capture of native signals in complex, real-world signal environments is driven by financial, safety and security concerns. 

The SenS Portable was launched and showcased in the U.S. at AOC 56 in Washington, DC. For more information, click here.


  • Country: United Kingdom
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