Kaelus Adds 40W Power Option to its Existing Portable PIM Analyzer

Kaelus, a supplier of high-quality, PIM test and measurement instruments and RF conditioning solutions, who was recently acquired by Microdata Telecom, has released a 40 W high power upgrade option for its existing 20W iPA-0707A battery portable passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer.

By upgrading the existing 20W iPA-0707A to the 40W iPA-0707D, it is possible to identify external PIM using 40W where a typical 20W carrier power level is not sufficient to test external PIM. The upgrade includes a brand new battery, a new 40W amplifier, and a full service and calibration. At a fraction of the cost, this upgrade provides the ability to perform all the measurements of the 20W iPA, plus the ability to test for external PIM with the new 40W capability.

Product Features:
  • 40W (+46 dBm) max power output per carrier, able to be reduced to +3 dBm in steps of 1 dB
  • Fitted with a high-efficiency 40W amplifier that has minimal impact on battery run time
  • Same size, weight, and interface of the Kaelus 20W iPA
  • Compatible with the Kaelus RTF Module
  • Compatible with the Kaelus ACE calibration extender
  • Rugged and portable construction

Click here for more information on the 40W upgrade option.


  • Country: United States
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