AdauraTech Launches New 8-Channel RF Attenuator for 6 GHz Wi-Fi Bands

Adaura Technologies has introduced a new 8-Channel RF attenuator with excellent performance up to 8 GHz, making it ideal for the new 6 GHz WiFi bands that go up to 7.125 GHz with 8x8 MIMO.

Engineers can now focus on their tests rather than replacing their malfunctioning devices, as the R3 series of programmable RF attenuators boasts an extremely reliable platform of software control and RF performance. The attenuators provide 95 dB of attenuation with over 100 dB of channel-to-channel isolation and have a frequency range of 5 MHz to 8 GHz. The addition of Ethernet allows EASY implementation into the most critical test setups by allowing network control via HTTP web interface or direct Telnet while the USB port powers the device and allows for serial and HID communication. Optional POE can be configured with every device.

AdauraTech’s USB devices are completely adaptable which allows them to be implemented into automated test setups quickly and efficiently. R3 series can be deployed rapidly in any Windows, Linux, and Mac OS environment as it utilizes dual USB communication with both HID and Serial along with Ethernet Telnet, HTTP, and HTTP Web GUI.

The cost-effective AD-USB8AR38G95  is competitively priced to allow both small startups and large companies to build and expand their test setups.