Portable Personal Radiation Monitor Checks RF Field Level Exposure

Narda Safety Test Solutions has launched its next-generation personal monitoring device for radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation. The RadMan 2 is a personal monitor that can operate up to 60 GHz and give visible alerts and sound an alarm when the RF field levels exceed certain levels. This tool is essential for personnel in the telecommunication industry and other RF workers.

RadMan 2 allows users to control their exposure and environment by quantifying the RF/electromagnetic field level as a percentage of the limit to international occupational health and safety standards, including those outlined by the ICNIRP, FCC, IEEE, and Safety Code 6 MPE limit values. 

To meet established health and safety requirements, personnel working in or near high-intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF) including radar antennas, broadcast transmitters, and cellular base stations must be able to control their exposure to EMF/RF radiation emitted from transmitters.

Key Features of the RadMan 2:

  • Device for RF/electromagnetic radiation personal monitoring
  • Up to 8 GHz (LT) or 60 GHz (XT)
  • Automatic sensor test
  • 800 hours of operation
  • Highly visible alarm LEDs, loud buzzer plus vibration alarm
  • E and H field monitoring
  • Patented frequency response evaluation according to ICNIRP (Directive 2013/35/EU)
  • FCC, SC 6
  • Data logger
  • Isotropic sensors with RMS and pulse detection
  • Weatherproof Design (IP65)

For more information about the RadMan 2 personal monitor, click here.