SAGE Millimeter to be Re-Branded as ERAVANT by March 2020

SAGE Millimeter to be Re-Branded as ERAVANT by March 2020

SAGE Millimeter, a leading provider of high performance microwave and mm-wave solutions for commercial and military applications, announced that they are rebranding to “ERAVANT” by March 2020. According to the company, the re-branding, will renew their commitment to RF engineers and will represent the company’s promise to continue investing in its customers and team members. Since its establishment in 2011, with an estimated 5,000 products and over 100,000 units delivered, SAGE has been a company with technology at its center of growth.

The word "ERAVANT"

The name Eravant is a portmanteau of “Era” and “Savant.”

ERA – Not only does the re-branding signal a new era for SAGE’s team, but more specifically, it signals the company’s commitment to the Relationship Era of doing business. The Relationship Era, according to SAGE, recognizes that companies thrive when they know their clients, and they utilize technology to scale the customer experience. By removing mundane interactions with clients, the company can focus on high-impact exchanges that help really enable success.

SAVANT – The definition of a savant is “a learned person, especially a distinguished scientist.” These words, according the company describe an end-user perfectly. “Savant” also honors SAGE’s founders’ legacy of entrepreneurship. Their first company was named WiseWave and their second was SAGE Millimeter. All three brands reveal a deep respect for knowledge seekers and knowledge sharers.

Although this transformation encompasses some big changes, SAGE has maintained that many things will remain the same including:
  • Products - Product performances, outlines, and model numbers will not change. SAGE will continue to honor warranties and stand by its products regardless of whether they bear the SAGE Millimeter or Eravant mark.
  • Team - The leadership team at the company continues to grow organically, and departments throughout the organization are experiencing the same momentum. SAGE is consistently scaling its company, and the most experienced team members will continue to ensure sustainable and responsible growth.
  • Administration - Doing business will feel the same. The company has kept the same procedures and policies regarding logistics and account management, so there won’t be any surprises. In fact, over the next few months, customers should experience more seamless transactions.
New 50,000+ SQ ft. Facility

A new name deserves a new home, and SAGE is thus relocating to a space three times the size of its current factory. The new facility will allow to continue scaling the team and manufacturing operations. Planned highlights include a dedicated calibration lab, a finished goods “store,” and a Barista-staffed café. Daily building tours will be available to industry members from June 15 – July 2, 2020. Those planning to attend the International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2020) exhibition are especially encouraged to reserve a seat on SAGE’s complimentary shuttle that will travel between the Los Angeles Convention Center and the new Torrance facility at regular intervals.

Expanded Testing Capabilities

One of the priorities for the re-brand, according to SAGE, was to highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and respect for millimeter-wave technology. According to the company, one of the most common applications for its products is test instrumentation. To ensure that the company meets and exceeds expectations, it plans to double its testing capabilities across all product lines, elevate testing methods, and invest in industry-leading test equipment.

Streamline Mission-Critical Processes

SAGE is currently implementing the world’s most-deployed cloud ERP system as part of our transformation. This decision aligns with the company’s belief that investing in the right tools to create a frictionless experience for its team members and customers is priceless. SAGE’s team chose this new business system because they see value in finding the right resources to address inefficiencies. The program’s robust reporting unlocks information that fuels the data-driven process of continuous improvement.

Greater customer control and transparency

In today’s fast-moving digital environment, customers want answers right away. SAGE’s in-house research shows that transparency and self-service top the list of what customers expect from us. In order to serve domestic and international clients, the company is planning to grant them access to process and transparency into its operations. Through enhanced features, customers will be able to build quotes, place orders, and track jobs from order entry through shipment. These new functions launch with the revamped website in March 2020.

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