Rutronik Announces Availability of Energy-Efficient Wireless Transceiver Module for EnOcean Technology

Leading Germany-based electronic component distributor, Rutronik, has announced the availability of EnOcean’s new compact wireless transceiver module, the TCM 515. The module offers reduced power consumption, smaller size and a lower purchase price compared to the previous generation TCM 310.

EnOcean technology is an energy harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems, and is also applied to other applications in industry, transportation, logistics and smart homes. Modules based on EnOcean technology combine micro energy converters with ultra low power electronics, and enable wireless communications between batteryless wireless sensors, switches, controllers and gateways.

Now available at Rutronik UK, the module is suitable for systems such as transceiver gateways, actuators and controllers that communicate based on the EnOcean radio standard in the sub-GHz band. Thanks to a higher processor performance, all security features – encryption, decryption and authentication – can be performed directly in the module. This enables a secure end-to-end communication without external components.

The TCM 515 module is pre-certified according to international radio standards, receives radio telegrams either via wire antenna, PCB antenna or an external 50 Ohm antenna. It can filter, decrypt and authenticate these telegrams before forwarding them to an externally-connected host processor or host PC via a serial UART-interface (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter). Thanks to the integrated security processing no additional components are required for encryption.

The serial interface operates according to the EnOcean ESP3 standard with the option to use higher interface speeds (TURBO mode) to reduce latencies. ESP3 messages received from the external host will be encrypted and authenticated as required before they are transmitted as EnOcean radio telegrams.

The wireless transceiver module TCM 515 / S3003-K515 supports the radio frequency 868 MHz for Europe while the TCM 515U / S3053-K515 supports 902 MHz for North America.